As a dentist, we think that your regular dental visits would be a great opportunity to take control of your dental health and set yourself up for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Our mother-daughter dentist duo have been in practice since 1989 and have valuable advice to offer. Therefore, make sure you’re maximizing your time in the dentist’s chair by asking lots of questions. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 questions our dental team regularly hears, other than “how much is this gonna cost”.

Here are our Top-5 most frequently asked questions:

1. How is My Overall Dental Health?

It’s your dentist’s responsibility to accurately explain any severe dental issues. However, you should also aim to learn about the less urgent things going on in your mouth and how that can relate to your current and future overall dental health.

Asking your dentist for some helpful advice on how to manage your day-to-day dental care is a great place to start. Here’s what you should aim to learn from this overview:

  1. Whether or not you’re brushing and flossing correctly
  2. How your gums look
  3. If there are any areas you need to keep an eye on (like weak teeth, potential for cavities, etc.)

Your goal should be to walk away from your appointment knowing the exact state of your dental health and what you need to focus on.

2. What Does This Pain, Sensation, or Discoloration Mean?

Make sure to bring up any issues or concerns you have about your dental health.  If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, are worried about the color or look of a tooth, or have any sort of dental pain, don’t make the mistake of dismissing warning signs. Bring dental issues up with your dentist so you can outline a treatment plan. As Benjamin Franklin once said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

3. What Type of Toothbrush and Toothpaste Should I Be Using?

It may seem like a small thing, but the dental tools you use on a daily basis can have a big effect on your dental health. For instance,  even though hard bristled toothbrushes are effective at removing plaque and stains, they can damage your teeth and gums if you’re not careful? With so many kinds of toothbrushes available today– electric, hard and soft bristles, deep cleaning, angled heads, bristle patterns, and more– it’s best to get a recommendation from your dentist or hygienist for what’s right for you. Make sure you’re using the right product for your teeth by bringing up the topic during your appointment. The same goes for the brand of toothpaste you use. If you have sensitive teeth, your dentist can recommend a good toothpaste to help. Or if you’re looking to brighten your smile, your dentist can provide you with some safe options for that, too.

4. What Foods Are Bad for My Teeth?

The saying “you are what you eat” rings true when it comes to your dental health! Certain foods can cause big problems for your mouth, so make sure you understand which items you need to pay attention to based on your unique dental health. Though it may be impossible to completely eliminate all the dangerous foods and drinks from your diet, it’s important to know what you should watch out for to minimize your risk.

5. What’s the Best Way to Whiten My Teeth?

Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits can cause tooth sensitivity and damage to the roots of your teeth. So if you are interested in whitening your teeth, or are currently using an over-the-counter treatment, make sure to bring it up with your dentist.

Your dentist can provide information about how to keep your teeth white and outline the best teeth whitening treatment options.

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Make the Most of Your Next Dentist Appointment

Asking questions during your dentist appointments will help you stay in control of your dental health. When you make practicing good dental hygiene a priority, you set yourself up for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful teeth.