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Family Owned & Operated since 1989. At Dr. Pamela O. Edwards Dentistry, our Mother-Daughter-Dentist-Duo will provide Premier, Patient-Focused dentistry in a Caring and Compassionate setting.  Call Us Today to Schedule your Appointment. Dental Products at Prices that Will Make You Smile

Elevating Your Smile: The Value of Quality Dental Products

Your smile is an invaluable asset, embodying health, confidence, and self-assurance. Yet, achieving and maintaining a beautiful smile extends beyond mere brushing and flossing—it necessitates the use of high-quality dental products.

Whether it’s toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, or mouthwash, these items are engineered to deliver superior cleaning and protection compared to their generic counterparts. Utilizing advanced technologies and premium materials, they facilitate thorough plaque removal, stimulate gum health, and prevent cavities more effectively with each use.

Moreover, top-tier dental products often feature innovative designs and added benefits. A toothbrush with precisely angled bristles can access hard-to-reach areas, ensuring comprehensive cleaning that standard brushes might overlook. Similarly, toothpaste fortified with enamel-strengthening agents provides an extra layer of defense against decay. These features not only elevate the efficiency of your oral care routine but also enhance comfort and convenience.


In conclusion, the significance of owning high-quality dental products cannot be overstated. From facilitating effective cleaning and protection to enhancing comfort and safety, these items play a pivotal role in preserving optimal oral health and overall happiness. By investing in premium tools for your smile, you’re not only safeguarding your dental well-being but also investing in a lifetime of confident smiles and enduring vitality.



Our Family

Meet our Dynamic Mother-Daughter-Dentist Duo.

Dr. Mary Edwards Long Best dentist in Orange Beach AL standing in her white doctor coat in front of diploma Coupon Area Hot Deals

Dr. Mary Edwards Long

Her passion for dentistry flows from a heart that loves to help others look and feel their best. She values your time which means you will be seen promptly at the appointed time. She is up to date on the current cutting edge technology while at the same time having the wisdom passed through generations of a family practicing dentistry. A Gulf Shores native, she has lived in south Baldwin County since 1989.

Dr. Pamela O. Edwards Best dentist in Gulf Shores AL standing in her white doctor coat in front of diploma Coupon Area Hot Deals

Dr. Pamela Edwards

Dr. Pamela O. Edwards was born to be a dentist and loves her work. She has practiced dentistry for over 35 years. Her father was a dentist, practicing for 60 years, her uncle was a dentist, her brother is a dentist who has been practicing for 50 years, and her daughter is a dentist.

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