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Tips and Tricks to Get that Selfie-Ready Smile:

In a world where social media is a prominent factor in our society, having a smile that shines can be a valuable asset. Having a bright, brilliant smile can raise not only your own self confidence, but could also raise your follower count. Beyond the social media aspect, having a healthy smile can save you big bucks down the road. Here at Dr. Pamela O. Edwards Dentistry, we offer many award winning cosmetic procedures. Check out our Cosmetic page on our website  here! Find out more!

#1: Close Up Spaces Or Openings

You may realize when you take a selfie that you deal with strange shadows or a dark spot in your smile. If you didn’t get braces when you were younger, then some gaps may have formed when you got your adult teeth. Unless you are Michael Strahan, you probably want any gaps or spaces in your smile. Is there a way to create a uniform smile that looks good in photos? Of course! Speak with us about cosmetic dental care to close spaces and prosthetic care to replace teeth. We can help with everything!

#2: Brighten Up Your Teeth

No matter the filter your friends may use, you may be well aware that any selfie or group photo that includes your smile is going to be one that includes your very yellow smile and you just find it too embarrassing. Fortunately, this very common concern comes with lots of solutions in the form of cosmetic dental care. Consider teeth whitening, crowns, full mouth crowns, and more! To find out how we can help and to make the changes you’re ready to make, start by setting up a free cosmetic consultation with us.

#3: Address Smile Health Concerns

Remember that sometimes, all it takes to feel good about your smile is to regain your oral health. Having a healthy smile can give you the confidence to smile bright whenever the time may arise. Whether you have visible decay that requires tooth-colored fillings or periodontal problems that are causing puffy gums, come see us. Our team is here to help you!

#4: Fix Old or Failing Dental Work

What type of existing dental work do you have? Does past dental care include crowns? A bridge? Do you wear a denture or veneers? Whatever the case, if you have old or damaged work that needs to be repaired or replaced, this can quickly make a huge difference. See us to sort out the types of care you need, so your smile looks new and lovely again!

Make Your Smile Selfie Ready

Do you wish you had a smile that you could feel proud of or one that could make you feel selfie ready? It’s simply a matter of coming in for the dental care you need! Schedule a visit with Dr. Pamela O. Edwards Dentistry by contacting us today at (251) 500-1025

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