Dr. Long and her mom, Dr. Edwards, at Mary's graduation

In Part 1 of “How Do I Make My Teeth Whiter” I discussed how our teeth become stained by what we eat and drink.  I explored proper oral hygiene and how regularly visiting your dentist can combat pesky dark discoloration of the teeth.  In Part 2 of “How Do I Make My Teeth Whiter?”, I explore the maze of whitening toothpastes out on the market.

If you walk down the dental aisle of a grocery store, then you know the overwhelming feeling of “Which toothpaste do I buy?”.  It can be daunting to read every label and decipher the difference between each brand and the types each brand offers.  Instead of buying a large tube of toothpaste, I recommend trying multiple sample toothpastes that your dentist can happily provide (I do!).

When it comes to whitening toothpastes, the story is the same.  There are many to choose from and today I will list a few of the most popularly used to help guide you through the dental aisle jungle.


Whitening Toothpastes


1.Colgate Optic White

Colgate describes this toothpaste as an “Over-the-counter whitening toothpaste that can help to remove stains, whiten teeth and prevent stain buildup. Many of these products contain mild chemicals or polishing agents to lift surface stains and prevent them from reappearing. Most people see results in as little as one week with consistent use of this whitening toothpaste.”.

2. Opalescence Whitening

This toothpaste is described as having “lower abrasiveness, decreasing the likelihood that it will damage your tooth enamel”.

3. Crest 3D White

 Crest describes their new whitening toothpaste as being “the best bang for your buck as it can remove up to 95% of surface stains”.

4. Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque & Whitening

Tom’s toothpaste is another alternative and recommends this toothpaste “For those who want an all-natural and fluoride-free alternative, Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque & Whitening toothpaste is a great product. It’s been highly reviewed and contains xylitol.”.


As you can see, the scope of whitening toothpastes varies. I recommend you use the one built for your dental health.  If you have sensitive teeth, do not choose the most abrasive whitening toothpaste. It will increase sensitivity.   If you are a heavy coffee or red wine drinker, you may want to choose the one that removes the most stains.

I hope my exploration of whitening toothpastes helped you today on your path to whiter, brighter teeth! Thank you for reading my blog “How Do I Make My Teeth Whiter?”. Next time we will explore whitening strips and trays for harder to remove stains.

Dr. Mary Edwards Long